Hi, my name is Nate Sherwood. I was a professional skater for over 10 years and I've continued to work in the skate industry since I retired. I have been a writer for Transworld Magazine an independent film maker and worked in countless other facets in the world of skateboarding. There is no question that is too esoteric, no product I cannot tell you the pros and cons of and no genre in skating I have not mastered. My dream was to retire and to be my own boss with my lady Lindsey. All I wanted to do was to open a shop in an environment that was not over saturSkated with other shops. My goal is to make sure skating in Cedar Rapids never dies. That means going to council meetings to make sure parks and rec does not forget us skaters in future plans, hotsing local contests and demos as well as events to keep skateboarding in the public eye of Cedar Rapids. Thank you all for supporting EduSkate. We are here to motiSkate you on skateboarding.

Nate Sherwood

319 892 3476
208B 12th Avenue SE, (Enter on 2nd St), Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52401, United States
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