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filmed by jamie thomas back in the summer of 2017 . zero tour 2017 . skater nate sherwood.

#natesherwood #roughground #pissedoff one of those days where u pull everything just a bit off not perfect not a bail. listen to how i get mad mid trik. thank u john for filming u rock owe u huge bro . featuring. a tre pr flip to 50 50 to 180 out. a f/s shove p flip to 50 to manny to shove p flip out. a back side 180 presh to fakie 50 50 on a bank to ledge and a back side presh 180 to fifty fifty down a small hubba after going up a bank

This is the 2015 Eduskate Sample Platter trailer. It is a mix of different local videos. I am over unloading the dvd deck and loading it so I mixed all the hi lights from Catt 22. CRonicles. Mobbed Mafia 2. and the first EDUSKATE LOOP. and even added some i phone clips from cats who sent um in. anyway it will be ont he tv at the shop soon.

First try so rad

The power of the secrete society of the free masons help Adam miller pull this f. S five o so rad all hail the masonic temple

Gore text

Killing the free masons temple core text gore text would be hyped

Gore text would be hyped

Super bust spot but fun for clips soon

For all of those who use a data plan rather than a desk or lap top combat. let me know if it plays on all our budget devices. Transistor radios and Beta max decks. lol or on your vhs decks. i phones etc.


a C plus for real. what this vid rocks. it should have got an A plus.

Phil Taylor and Nate Sherwood go out on one fun Sunday in Cedar rapids Iowa

Word up

Death lens I phone

With Adam miller yo

Of Nate Sherwood by Phil Taylor. Good times with the new Lenz

Shot by Phil Taylor thanks Phil u rule

flat ground fun at 500 fps

shove flip/ tre presh

Cell phone off VHS lol

With Ryan Miller

sinny the dino gets her first skateboard. from eduskate

The ButterStik is a rad rail & riser combo in one that adds strength to your deck, helping it to keep from breaking and makes you slide like snot on a door knob. Check it out soon in a shop near you.

by nato.

Back in the Fuel TV Days I was lucky enough to be a part of the American misfits show. with my sketch comedy under the head line "notorious Nate" I owe Ted Newsome and Laban a lot for those days . some of the best times in my life. anyway out of the two seasons and 27 episodes this has to be my fav one we did. we go out on a boat to film some wake skate stuff and i found this rad ramp and so we skated it.


Phil Taylor and Nate Sherwood want to remind you all out there, that skating is about having fun. and to support your local skate shop instead of some rich dude who already has 2 houses who does not put cash back into your local skate scene in the internet land or at the mall. skate local think local buy local. and get more local spots and parks. and do not come into the shop and brag about some cap online u just got or want to get cause it is rude. "what is in this video? " Phil busts the most insane line ever at 730 in the Morning. the weather was sub zero out the ground was ice and he busted a clean line. Nate on the other hand is skating on a jacked up ankle and got nothing but a few dork tricks but found some filler lines form old B roll and saved the edit. we used the cheazy e song emb and never the less it was an epic time. thanks friends .

nate sherwood quits doing pressure flips.


Adam miller. Skyler J DEE. Tyler Persinger. Devin hARschnek. jake reth. radness. chase. for my homey Gerldo at rekon.

Filmed by Phil Taylor. eduskate board shop.

Nate sherwood Ollie,s a bump to bar in full scrubs. thanks Cheasy e 4 the epic song.

old footage. remix. part 2. nate sherwood goes and skates 7 st school in la and other spots all over LA and SD back in 2004 2005 2007 2008

Manik skateboards is a rad brand from seattle. Back in 2004 Marhel the owner asked if i had any clips they could have for their up coming video "what if" I was honored and here is the part I had. thanks again Marshel Stack reed u made my life worth living brother. it was rad being in this video with such epic talent. I wish i sent u some better footage but oh well it was fun anyway. :) nate.

360 pressure flip to Manuel to Shovit Pressure flip out. in top gun mira mar sd ca. we had to bring wood cause there was a huge hole in front of this ledge. it was wild.


Mitch Derr and Nate Sherwood go skate at before work. we pay homage to Dilion St. John on the rad tri pod set up.

WWW.EDUSKATECR.COM Frontside blunt slide down the riverside rail

Devin is hands down one of the most amazing humans to ever live. for more info on him check out this link

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